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to most companies

IP is like a
Black Box

Companies IP data often contains

  • Unclear information about patents
  • Complicated and subjective gut feelings about patents
  • Slow and inefficient services to evaluate patents
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Big Data Analytics

Understandable IP evaluations
for everyone


Illustrative and understandable information about IP is the key to successful business decisions


Objective results show you all possible situations and give you the opportunity to take your business to the next level


Getting fast and objective results enable you to becoming the IP leader in your industry

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proprietary  data sources
12 billion
data points analyzed

Future-proof your business against competitors

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What our customers say

A very exciting approach and extremely helpful for understanding and evaluating our entire patent portfolio. Testing GoodIP’s product showed us real actionable results and makes us excited for future collaborations.
Dr. Michael Tagscherer
CTO Giesecke+Devrient

What our customers say

I recommend GoodIP to anyone who wants to develop an IP strategy. Its insights are outstanding!
Dr. Alexander Zobel
CFO neuroCare

What our customers say

Using AI is a very exciting approach and extremely helpful for evaluating the quality of our entire patent portfolio. GoodIP shows us the true value of understandable patent classification and makes us exited to work together in the future.
Julian Dench
Executive Director Technical Development ESS, Inc.

AI-driven IP evaluation

GoodIP Basic

GoodIP's AI-driven IP evaluation for companies to get an objective overview of their IP and quality

Patent Overview
Digital Secure Report
Patent Quality
AI Customization

GoodIP Business

GoodIP's AI-driven IP evaluation for companies and investors to obtain actionable IP results combined with a financial perspective and provides the  perfect management overview

Patent Overview
Red Flags
Patent Quality
Patent Protection
AI Customization
Business Clustering
Digital Secure Report
Data Export Function
Patent Cost
IP Investment Filter
Investment Priorities
Management Overview


Patent evaluation for everyone

How companies use GoodIP

Competitor Analysis

Identify your competitors strengths and weaknesses on basis on its intellectual property portfolio


Evaluate the objective value of a target's intangible assets for any M&A transaction

Litigation Preparation

Know the objective truth about your potential litigation risk to be well prepared

Monetize IP

Identify high quality assets in your IP portfolio to create highly profitable revenue streams

IP Risk Evaluation

Future-proof your business and identify your potential risk now to continue being the industry leader

IP Benchmark

Compare the quality of your IP portfolio to your top competitors in the industry

How to get your
AI-driven IP evaluation







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